Market and industry research advisor. Jose has been on the front lines of the medical field and brings his connections with Doctors, Nurses, and technicians to the table to provide AD an understanding of issues faced in obstacles related to the delivery of care. He is involved in a Medical Logistics Internship where his duties have focused on establishing logistical needs with practice administrator directly handling cost analysis, acquisition, and transportation of inventory to the private practice.

He is the Alicia Diagnostics research and consultant in patient safety who is tasked with metrics research to support the development and engineering of medical equipment set to test for CE and FDA certification process. He also provides consultation to engineering staff on methods of improving patient safety and infection control for newly developed medical equipment.

Before this he was in the United States Air Force as an Operations Research Analyst. He is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan as an embedded military liaison training Afghanistan National Army personnel where he provided risk mitigation planning and presentation of assessment in daily briefings to US and allied force leadership.