Qwick Non-Adhesive Dressing

Qwick Non-Adhesive 2"x2" Dressing

  •  QwickTM dressing with AquaconductiveTM technology is intended for use on moderate to heavily draining wounds
  • Fast wicking and super absorbent layers absorb and retain wound exudate
  • Blue, non-occlusive top layer acts as an indicator of how the dressing should be applied
  • The wound contact layer is made up of hydrophilic fibers that attract the exudate, resulting in fast wicking
  • The storage layer consists of super absorbent polyacrylate fibers designed to absorb and retain large amounts of exudate
  • Its flexible material makes it versatile for use on any wound with exudate
  • Cut to fit for use on a variety of wounds with drainage
  • Up to 7 day wear time
Manuf / Supplier # MSC5822

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