LIV-Skin Sample Sachets

AD is proud to partner with LIV-skin. These incredible sample sachets contain Advanced Age Defying Eye Gel, Extreme Lifting & Contouring Neck Cream, and Intense Hydrate AM/PM Cream. All 3 steps come with our exclusive Caviartic 3 Complex™ that addresses concerns to the facial area with moisturizers – that’s great on sensitive skin. This incredible Complex formulation of ingredients helps to tone, firm and tighten, forming a barrier to increase the appearance of the skin's overall elasticity and thickness while nourishing and hydrating your skin. Caviartic 3 Complex™ nourishes and hydrates the skin to help minimize the development of lines and wrinkles while stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid.

  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Tones, tightens, nourishes and hydrates the skin
  • Skin is left firmer, smoother and youthful-looking
  • Replenishes moisture in the skin, resulting in increased smoothness, softness, and decreased appearance of facial wrinkles

Dr. Approved & Recommended. PETA Cruelty Free. Manufactured & Made in the USA.

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