Gel Smart Moisturizing Heel Sleeves

  • The proprietary gel lining releases a combination of skin
  • Hydrators, which help soften and improve the hands’ appearance
  • Fully lined with medical grade gel
  • May be used with creams
  • Gloves can be easily applied or removed
  • Washable and reusable


These products are infused with the following botanicals:

Green Tea quenches free radicals and can diminish some signs of aging such as wrinkles

Willow is rich in tannins and instills a radiant glow

Avocado Oil is a superior skin moisturizer

Soybean Oil has antioxidant properties and is used to enhance skin elasticity

Grape Seed Oil is anti-aging keeping skin healthy and supple

Canola Oil anti-oxidant Vitamin E which protects the skin

Ceramides are naturally found in skin’s vulnerable outer layer and help skin retain moisture harmful oxygen-free radicals

Mineral Oil is an occlusive and forms a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping the skin

Jojoba Oil contains vitamins and minerals for healthy skin without causing allergic reaction.

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